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Data gathering, Data Analysis, Digital Framework for e-government, UI/UX, Development, Integrations.

This project outlines digital initiative by Dhiggaru Council. Economy of the island is mostly based on fishing. Majority of the population living in the island involved in various economic activities related to fisheries industry. There are 07 pole and line fishing vessels registered at the island along with 02 diving boats, 04 troll line fishing vessels and 20 dinghies used mostly for reef fishing. There are three parties operate small fish factories, who processes majority of daily catch of the island and nearby islands. Health center is in operation for 24 hours with general physicians. Laboratory tests and scan services are not available from the island Education from pre-school up to higher secondary is available from the island. The island is famous in the Maldives for their bi-product of dried fish processing, “RIHAAKURU”. However, most of the younger generation is working in tourism industry in various resorts around the Maldives.

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