ODIAPP - Speedboat Booking App




- Development of Business Concept, Development of MVP, Design of UI/UX, Development of applications for iOS and Android, User-Testing, Maintainance, Upgrades, and Assistance.

Odiapp is Maldives' first private Speedboat Booking Application. An Uber-like platform for the Maldivian Sea Transport Sector. The Maldives with its unique geographical Location is 1% land and 99% ocean, Hence, Every day thousands travel via a mode of sea transport. Our mission is to harmonize the sea transport sector of the country by providing a travel-tech platform odiapp for passengers and ODI-assistance for the operators to manage their fleet operations. So far with 2 years in initial launch stage, we have issued over 100,000 e-tickets on our unified platforms.

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Design and Development of Elections Results Website

Design and Development of Website for Kendhikulhudhoo Council

Design and Development of Hawks Website

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